Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch Is Now Officially Recognised

Dear PowerStretch® Friends and Fans

It’s been more than 10 years since Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch® was introduced into the health and fitness market, as a toning, strengthening and body shaping programme.  It also builds strength and endurance through its highly intensive stretching workouts, specially designed by Derrick Ee, a seasoned fitness trainer and dance coach.

To some, it’s a way to exercise and look great.

Powerstretch Fitness Body Toning Workout

To others, it’s a fun way to lose and burn away unwanted fat.

In addition, it is a disciplined way of life to keep away the work stress.

Powerstretch fitness trainer

But to many, it’s a fitness lifestyle that’s challenging, energizing, fun and invigorating. That’s why  Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch® gained huge momentum and the fan and friends base grew significantly.   The stretching, endurance and toning classes are always packed with enthusiastic participants who made the classes fun.  Every class guarantees a great sweating out.

It’s you who made PowerStretch® possible.   With your continuous support, Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch® is now officially recognised as a registered trademark.  Check out the new logo! :)

Derrick Ee Powerstretch Fitness Workout

Thank you dear friends and fans – I look forward to continue sharing great fat burning and body toning workouts with you.  Let us continue enjoy the fitness journey together!  Here’s the Trademark Celebration Video for you my dear friends and fans – you might see yourself in the video :)


Warmest regards

Derrick Ee
Body Toning Fitness Trainer



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