How To Find A Personal Trainer Who Can Help You


Hiring a personal trainer is a big investment of time, money and effort.  Often it means a major change in your lifestyle too.  Therefore, choose carefully and here are 5 practical tips on how to find a personal trainer.



Tip 5. Find Your Personal Trainer Online.  Search online for “how to find a personal trainer” or “how to choose a personal trainer” – you will see about 47 MILLION results!  Don’t panick.  Browse through the 1st to perhaps the 3rd pages of results.  It’s not always that the 1st page results are the best.

Tip 4. Go To Any Gym To Choose Your Personal Trainer.  Decide on where you are going to workout.  If you plan to workout at the gym – go to the big mega gyms – there are lots of them and make the enquiries.  When enquiring – the receptionist may sometimes refer you to the personal fitness trainer who has least number of clients.  So you should ask to review the profiles of the trainers first and you do your own selection instead.

Tip 3. Get Your Personal Trainer Through Your Friends! If you are planning to workout at your home gym or your own venue – then there’s one very GREAT TIP – ask your friends who also hire personal trainers who workout with them at their home gyms!   In fact, asking friends who have benefitted from a great exercise programme is a far superior and practical method to any other means of finding or choosing your personal trainer.

Tip 2. Ask Around To Find Your Personal Fitness Instructor.  Go to the nearest fitness and health stores and ask the salespersons as to whether they know of any good personal trainers.  Tell him you are seeking help to find a good personal trainer and your expectations.

Tip 1. How To Choose Your Personal Trainer.  Ask your personal trainer how much experience he/she has in the fitness industry AND ask for clients’ testimonials.  Clients’ testimonials or referrals are definitely the most important evidence.  Whilst professional qualifications are important – clients’ testimonials are often the best indicator of the success and commitment of your personal trainer.

Finally, if you cannot remember all the above tips on how to find a personal trainer, then just remember this one :

Match your trainer’s capabilities with your fitness goals.  Some personal trainers specialise in Building BIG muscles, whilst others in SCULPTING A TONED AND LEAN BODY.   Don’t just judge a muscular trainer with ability to help you get what you want as your goals may be different from his strengths!



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