POWERSTRETCH™ Body Toning Workout Basic Routines

Types of Exciting and Fun POWERSTRETCH™ Basic Exercises To Get You Started

PowerStretch Workout

Many new readers have repeatedly asked exactly what POWERSTRETCH™ Body Toning Workout is,  having read many POWERSTRETCH™ testimonials, eating tips and benefits.

The purpose of this article is to explain some of the basic POWERSTRETCH™  workout routines that will get you charged up, toned up, feeling stretched and complaining, yet coming back for MORE:

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PowerStretch™ Warm Up

Gentle warm up exercises that wake up your tired muscles, invigorate, and prepare your body and mind for movements.

PowerStretch™ Posture and Alignment

Experience the different floor, sitting, and standing exercises that enhance your posture awareness while helping to stretch, strengthen, and elongate your spine.  A good posture saves you backaches and strengthens your core muscles – and at the same time, you are going to look more confident and gorgeous!

PowerStretch™ Stretch!

This is where most participants complain but TOTALLY ENJOY!  Carefully designed and calibrated floor, sitting, and standing stretches that increase your joints and muscle flexibility as well as your range of movements.

PowerStretch™ Strength Training

Highly IMPORTANT part of the exercise because you need strength training exercises that tone and shape your abdominals, upper, middle, and lower back;  shoulders, arms and hands, hips, thighs and glutes of course.  Strength training develops your ‘endurance’ over time and you can progress to advance levels.  In addition, it will boost your metabolism and helps to lose fat.

PowerStretch™ Balance and Coordination

This is a differentiating factor of Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch™ Body Toning Workout – he is one of the rare fitness instructors with a strong background in dance and martial arts.   Through Derrick – you will learn standing and moving exercises that centre, balance, and move you through space with grace and confidence.

Relaxation and Rejuvation with PowerStretch™

Every PowerStretch™ class starts and ends with delightful exercises to ‘treat’ your muscles.  The body toning workout will end with stretching, breathing, and relaxation exercises that help you decompress, release tension, and recharge your mental and muscular batteries.  Most participants thoroughly enjoy the ‘spa’ workout treatment because of the carefully chosen music by Derrick who comes from an accomplished dance background.



And my FAVOURITE Video of POWERSTRETCH™ is this. Go on, check it out! :)

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