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Why You Need A Personal Fitness Trainer? By PowerStretchTM Personal Coach Derrick Ee

  • You are shy in a big group and do not like to attend a big fitness class, and prefer personal fitness coaching by a personal fitness trainer.
  • You want to improve your personal fitness but don’t know how to or where to get started.
  • You tried getting started many times on your own but failed halfway everytime.
  • You already did alot of research and KNOW what you need to do, but simply do not have the resolve to push yourself.
  • You don’t know whether you can trust a personal fitness trainer whom you have not met – there are just too many personal fitness trainers out there!  Everyone claims to be the best.
  • You don’t know what to look out for in a personal fitness trainer.
  • You want to LOOK BETTER.
  • You are not looking to bulk up but to condition and tone your body to the best it can be.

What PowerStretchTM Personal Fitness Trainer Derrick Ee Can Offer You:

  • One to One Personal Fitness Coaching – at the place of your choice.  It can be your quiet condo gym, or a fitness location at your convenience.  No more embarrassing big fitness classes for you if you are the shy type.
  • Derrick has been teaching dance and fitness for over 12 years in both big and small groups and on 1-1.   He will guide you to get started.  No frills, no hardcore body building for beginners.  Derrick is strongly backed by his experience and track record – << check the testimonials of his PowerStretchTM students here >>
  • Research have shown that when you are not accountable to anyone or you haven’t set any goals – you are less likely to succeed than when you are made accountable to someone.  Derrick Ee will not only guide you as your personal fitness trainer and coach – he will make you accountable as he watches you succeed with your commitment.
  • During your PowerStretchTM personal fitness coaching sessions, you will be guided and PUSHED to your limits.  Derrick has trained thousands of students and knows the uniqueness of every student – you will HATE Derrick during the training but LOVE him for the results!
  • Derrick will teach you how to stretch, condition and tone your muscles, build strength and endurance, and strengthen your core muscles.  No hard core body building nor bone breaking heavy weights, but a true authentic personal training fitness workout that will sweat your body and rejuvenate it.
  • Listen to some of the words of Derrick Ee’s PowerStretchTM students to be convinced:

Jessie has been training with Derrick for 10 years and still continues her regular PowerStretchTM sessions with Derrick – here’s the reason why :

…For the trust and believe I have in Derrick Ee’s brainchild workout POWERSTRETCHTM (2002), I am rewarded with An amazing Healthy, Toned, Sexy Body, a Positive Outlook in Life and a Cheery Disposition which helps me  connect well with friends and loved ones. The cherry on the cake is…. My 2 lovely daughters are huge fans of PowerstretchTM and exercising together bring our relationship closer.  That’s the POWER of PowerstretchTM


Personal Fitness Trainer

Totally Enjoyable PowerStretch Outdoor Class!

Mariani hated PowerStretchTM fitness training initially – but what made her change her mind?

‎15 mins into the first lesson of PowerStretchTM, I started to dread it. I was gasping for air and on the verge of passing out. The day after the class, I could not carry out my regular daily routine without feeling aches and soreness. That was the state of my health when I started PowerStretchTM class by Derrick Ee about 3 years ago. I had not been exercising regularly for decades. I found it torturous and sadistic to go through the various sets of exercise consisting of stretching and cardio works. I told myself that I would stop the class after 1 term (10 lessons). But I did not. For a vain reason: my family members commented that I had slimmed down.

Fast forward to present, as my body is getting accustomed to the workout, I am beginning to appreciate that all the moves and poses are thoughtfully choreographed as I find that my flexibility & stamina and overall health have improved tremendously. The takeaway bonus is that my body is toner & shapelier than it was 20 years ago!

I still don’t like PowerStretchTM. I love it! Thanks Derrick for creating such a wonderful programme!


Erina, who already exercises regularly before taking up PowerStretchTM, has this to say about PowerStretchTM:

When I first heard of PowerStretchTM, I was not sure if it was the same as the power yoga that I had attended before. Well, after my first lesson, I was attracted to the music selected which gave me the power to push myself further. Although I am a very active person, PowerStretchTM enables me to build my endurance, core and overall strength which I didn’t achieve from my previous exercise regime. Every lesson will target different groups of muscles and therefore, create a well-toned body. Aches and pains are unavoidable and I am a person who enjoy the aches after a workout (no pain no gain)…

[more PowerstretchTM  participants' testimonials here]


Get Your Personal Fitness Training Programme Today with PowerStretchTM Master Trainer!

Are you still hesitating about the benefits of PowerStretchTM personal fitness training?  You could continue to do what you are doing, and get the same results, but maybe you could get a cue from Albert Einstein who once said :

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you are finding it difficult to get started – remember this – it might help you:

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

Contact Derrick today if you want a change AND are prepared for a committed healthy lifestyle. State your goals, and how much time you can commit to training weekly.

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“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

Thank you for reading this.  Whoever you choose to be your personal fitness trainer, Derrick Ee wishes you the best of mental and physical health!







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