Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch Is Now Officially Recognised

Dear PowerStretch® Friends and Fans

It’s been more than 10 years since Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch® was introduced into the health and fitness market, as a toning, strengthening and body shaping programme.  It also builds strength and endurance through its highly intensive stretching workouts, specially designed by Derrick Ee, a seasoned fitness trainer and dance coach.

To some, it’s a way to exercise and look great.

Powerstretch Fitness Body Toning Workout

To others, it’s a fun way to lose and burn away unwanted fat.

In addition, it is a disciplined way of life to keep away the work stress.

Powerstretch fitness trainer

But to many, it’s a fitness lifestyle that’s challenging, energizing, fun and invigorating. That’s why  Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch® gained huge momentum and the fan and friends base grew significantly.   The stretching, endurance and toning classes are always packed with enthusiastic participants who made the classes fun.  Every class guarantees a great sweating out.

It’s you who made PowerStretch® possible.   With your continuous support, Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch® is now officially recognised as a registered trademark.  Check out the new logo! :)

Derrick Ee Powerstretch Fitness Workout

Thank you dear friends and fans – I look forward to continue sharing great fat burning and body toning workouts with you.  Let us continue enjoy the fitness journey together!  Here’s the Trademark Celebration Video for you my dear friends and fans – you might see yourself in the video :)


Warmest regards

Derrick Ee
Body Toning Fitness Trainer



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PowerStretch Fitness by Derrick Ee


This is Derrick Ee, the creator and master Trainer of PowerStretchTM Body Toning Workout.  I have trained thousands of students, workers, managers, professionals and people from all walks of life, and helped them enjoy life fully with a healthy and fit lifestyle.





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About PowerStretch™ and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Derrick Ee

Welcome to POWERSTRETCHTM, the latest and most popular Body Toning Workout created by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Derrick Ee

What happens when you combined Dance + Workout + Kungfu into 1?   Yes, that’s the latest invention POWERSTRETCHTM Body Toning Workout that has become extremely popular, all thanks to the creator, founder of POWERSTRETCHTM Body Toning Workout - master trainer Derrick Ee.


What Differentiates Derrick Ee :

  • Derrick is a Highly Trained Dancer, sought after Dancer/Performer and Dance Instructor
  • He is trained in MARTIAL ARTS and the related endurance and fitness techniques
  • He is an EXPERIENCED Dance and Fitness Instructor who has trained thousands of dancers and ordinary people who want to look and feel better
  • He is in showbusiness and knows the importance of good health, presentation and posture, which he incorporates into his PowerstretchTM Body Toning Workout
  • He COMBINES martial arts with dance and fitness into his body toning classes, making them tough but extremely FUN!
  • He is an iconic celebrity trainer!

Derrick Ee is a well known TV and stage actor, and has been dancing professionally since 1984 with The People’s Association Dance Company and The Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now known as TCS).  Derrick holds an Acting Certificate with distinction in acting, speech and martial arts.  In addition, Derrick is highly experienced in different forms of dance from Ballet to Jazz to Modern Contemporary.  He was also trained in Latin Cha Cha, Samba and Rhumba.

Since 1991, Derrick Ee has been actively involved as a choreographer and dance fitness instructor at various institutions.  He has also choreographed and trained various artistes for Mediacorp, the largest TV station in Singapore. At The Dance Station, Derrick conducts the highly popular POWERSTRETCHTM Body Toning Workout class, a unique stretch workout which combines his years of experience in dance, fitness and martial arts.

He is also the trainer for the ATOD Jazz Moves Syllabus and the highly charged and energetic DANCERCISE classes.

Because of Derrick’s experience in helping people transform, he knows the biggest obstacle to many participants’ aim to achieve fitness – fear and lack of confidence.  Hence, PowerstretchTM Body Toning Workout is a unique blend of stretching, dancing and fun.  You have to experience it to understand it.

PowerstretchTM Body Toning Workout is designed totone the entire body while burning fat and defining muscles using modern contemporary dance warm up routines.  Then it continues its way through strength training and endurance techniques, sculpting your physique into a lean tone body and a strong core.  This happens while you boost your metabolism levels to shed those unwanted pounds.

Meet Celebrity Trainer Derrick Ee and POWERSTRETCHTM Body Toning Workout here!  Or check out what PowerStretch™ participants are saying about this fun, intense and challenging workout! 

Powerstretch with Derrick Ee

Powerstretch class in July 2013

How To Choose The Right Personal Fitness Trainer

Choosing The Right Personal Fitness Trainer 

Are you thinking of choosing the right personal fitness trainer  to get rid of that unwanted fat or to start a new exercise regime? Or to look good and confident again as you used to be?



Many people start an exercise programme with grand intentions but motivation can and usually wane…. or distractions come in due to work, relationships or other life priorities…a Personal Fitness Trainer will keep you motivated, stay focussed on your fitness goals, and keep your exercise programme interesting and varied.

The good news is that a personal trainer is now alot more affordable than it was years back.    A personal fitness trainer is increasingly becoming a popular lifestyle and healthy choice for individuals – no more the exclusive choice for the rich and famous or celebrities.


Choosing the right personal fitness trainer for you is important because a good personal trainer can and should :

  • Help you set and achieve your fitness goals.
  • Motivate you to focus on your goals
  • Guide you with the correct exercise techniques
  • Tailor the programme and workouts to suit your fitness levels and goals
  • Offer sound advice on good nutrition and healthy habits
  • Provide objective feedback about your limits and strengths
  • Work with you to have safe, enjoyable and effective workouts.

People use personal trainers to assist them reach their individual health and fitness goals. A good personal trainer will tailor an exercise program to meet your goals and personal health needs, teach you the best way to exercise and motivate you.

Choosing The Right Personal Fitness Trainer

Here are 10 practical suggestions on :

Choosing or How To Choose The Right Personal Fitness Trainer For Yourself


Good places to start looking for a personal trainer include local gyms, health centres or fitness centres. When you’re at the gym, watch trainers with their clients and see how they interact and provide guidance.  Make a note of trainers who get along with their clients and seem fully involved in their workouts.  Ask friends and workmates for word of mouth recommendations or check the internet – there are lots of personal fitness trainers these days as it is the fastest growing health profession.   The next step is choosing the right personal fitness trainer to suit your needs :

    1. What is the personal fitness trainer’s experience level and track record?  Don’t go for trainers who are not properly trained or certified, or trainers who do not sufficient experience or knowledge or fitness or how to prevent injuries.  Get trainers who have at least 3 years of training experience – the more the better.
    2. What are the fitness training fees and how do the fees compare with market rates?  Typically the market rates range between $80 to $150 per hour, depending to a large extent, on how well known the trainer is.  There are some celebrity trainers who charge even larger fees.
    3. Will the personal fitness trainer offer a free first session or a discounted trial period before you commit? This should not be a deal breaker but there’s no harm to see if you can get a discount or a trial.
    4. What is involved in the personal fitness training programme?  Is it weight lifting, body building, body toning, body conditioning or cardiovascular exercise?  Find out clearly before embarking on signing up with your personal trainer.
    5. Is the personal fitness trainer available at the particular times and days when you’re free to exercise?
    6. Where is the personal fitness training venue?  Many personal trainers will come to your home. Or, if you prefer, you can meet your personal trainer at a studio or health club nearby or maybe even outdoors.
    7. Does the personal fitness trainer recommend that you undergo a medical check-up before embarking on a new exercise program? This is particularly important if you have not exercised in a long time, are overweight, are aged over 40 years or have a chronic medical condition.
    8. Ask how they tailor exercise programs for clients. How would your preferences be taken into account? What sort of services do they offer to support you in achieving your goals?
    9. Does the personal fitness trainer offer nutritional advice or refer you to appropriate sources of information on healthy eating?
    10. The Most Important Criteria perhaps : What are the existing clients saying about this fitness trainer?  Will they recommend his personal fitness training services?


Take your time before choosing the right personal fitness trainer for yourself.  Make sure your personal trainer is properly trained or has at least 3 years of training experience before commencing any lesson.  Also, while experience, credentials and track record are vital, it is important to consider another KEY CRITERIA :

Personality and the Chemistry with you should be high on your list of choosing the right personal fitness trainer.  You may be spending a lot of time with this person, at a certain close proximity.  If you do not like or trust the person even if he/she comes highly recommended – find another one.

Choosing The Right Personal Fitness Trainer

Most Commonly Asked Questions In Choosing The Right Personal Fitness Trainer For Yourself :

If The Trainer Is Certified, Does That Means He/She Is Good?

The fact that a fitness trainer holds a professional fitness certification is not a good indicator on whether the trainer is a good trainer or not. The reason for that is because most certifications are very easy to get and in addition, most use outdated information.  Proof : look around and you will find that many fitness certifications can be achieved during a weekend seminar or provided by the fitness company which hires the trainers.

What If The Trainer Has A University Degree And Looks Great?

If the trainer has a degree that is somehow or loosely associated with the fitness realm, that only means that this trainer has a degree!  Such a degree alone does not qualify the trainer as a good personal fitness instructor either. Also, the fact that the personal fitness trainer has the body that resembles the one that you have as a goal does not necessarily mean that the trainer has the experience to motivate others. Some people just have good genetics and whether they know what they are doing or not they end up looking good.  Read also <<How To Find A Personal Trainer>>

What Then Is The Best Way To Choosing The Right Fitness Trainer?

Re-read the 10 pointers above :)  There is NO ONE best way, but one of the most popular way is by word of mouth.  If your friend or someone you know has benefitted tremendously from the fitness training of a particular trainer – go check this trainer out.

Choosing The Right Personal Fitness Trainer

Have you heard of the creator and master trainer of PowerStretchTM who has trained thousands of satisfied students? If you are choosing the right fitness trainer for yourself, do listen to the feedback of the students.  Finally, if you are :

  • prepared to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle
  • want BADLY to look good and health
  • NOT looking to bulk up with heavy weight lifting
  • looking to build muscles through body toning and conditioning workouts
  • looking for a personal fitness trainer with a very strong track record and more than 10 years of experience,
  • seeking disciplined workouts which are equally fun

then you can consider <<contacting Derrick Ee>>, the master trainer of PowerStretch™ Body Toning Workout.   Click here to read PowerstretchTM  students’ testimonials

Thank you for reading this article.  Derrick Ee wishes you the best of luck in choosing the right personal fitness trainer for yourself :)


Testimonials – PowerStretch™

Sharing of Testimonials of PowerStretchTM Body Toning Workout

Are you still hesitating about the benefits of PowerStretchTM Body Toning Workout?  Consider the views of the thousands of people who come from all walks of life… this is what they have to say  about PowerStretchTM:

From Sherine Low :
I would like to give my highest compliments to a world class instructor, Derrick Ee. Over the last 10 years Derrick has provided me with exceptional stretching and toning exercises. His dancercise class is always so enjoyable and fun. He is the best teacher I’ve ever known and I’ve benefitted so much from him. He continues to inspire people both young and old with his teaching skills.
From Nancy Wong :
Derrick’s PowerstretchTM brings Glow to my face, suppleness to my muscle and agility to my joints. Life is better after Powerstretch.
From Katherine :
Enjoyed every PowerStretchTM class though initially body ached after each lesson. Found it so good that I signed up 2x/week. Find body more flexible, able to squat n bend better! All thanks to Derrick! :) )
From Sue Tham :
I love this PowerStretchTM. It really stretches every part of the body. I felt it is not only tones up the skin but  also slowly shapes certain part of body.
I look toward to go for the exercise. Tks Derek for so creative in creating this PowerStretchTM. - Sue Tham

PowerStretch Outdoor Class – Exhilarating!

From Elsie Ong :
PowerstretchTM….it is truly a POWER….STRETCH!! With great rhythm n strong tempo of the music, correct breathing method, couple with committed n creative instructor, Derrick Ee, who deftly choreographs a smooth transition of one posture to another, I feel so delightful that I stretch n stretch….something which I do not know before that   I can do it and can stretch my body further. These exercises not only tone n strengthen my various muscle, align my posture, keep my limbs agile, help my body flexible n supple, they also alleviate the pain and strengthen my once weak lower back. Each session, I’ll walk into the class with anticipation, make sure my posture is upright, remember to tug in my tummy (which Derrick always reminds n corrects us), and earnestly look forward to our dedicated n inspired instructor, conducting a full n ‘sweaty’ workout. I always feel rejuvenated n energized after his class. Well done, Derrick !!!
From Elizabeth :
I felt myself improving in terms of physical strength. Those posts that I can’t manage I can do better now. Most importantly I had fun!
Yes of course, more tone! It also helps improve my run and swim with the improvement of the core muscles.
Ya but sometimes during PowerStretchTM class you feel like strangling Derrick!
From Liesje Yap :
I used to have problems bending my knees, walking up and down the stairs. Ever since I was introduced to Derrick’s PowerstretchTM, my knees have strengthen tremendously, I am more energetic and agile too; house chores are NOT a chore anymore and I can even dance now!!! After years of PowerstretchTM, my skin and muscles tone has improved, supple yet firm.. And mentally I am happier too thus I have been complimented that I don’t look my age!!! Thank you Derrick for creating PowerstretchTM.
- Liesje Yap
If you want to find out more about PowerStretchTM classes, and are prepared to be COMMITTED to a healthy lifestyle, contact Derrick Ee here.

Why PowerStretch™ Body Toning

Tired Of Your Present Physique And Need A Body Toning Workout?

  • Are you TIRED of your UNHEALTHY lifestyle?
  • Do you often feel you are  LOSING ENERGY and zest at work?
  • Are you LOSING CONFIDENCE in your appearance?
  • Do you want to have a LEAN and TONED BODY?
  • Are you looking for help to lose fat?

Good day to you, my name is Derrick Ee, and I am a dance and fitness trainer, and creator cum master trainer of POWERSTRETCH™ Body Toning Workout.  I specialise in helping others to gain back confidence through a healthy fitness regime.


I have been teaching fitness and body toning programmes for more than 10 years, and have helped many like you to gain back their confidence through transforming their fitness levels by my carefully designed body toning and conditioning exercises. Let me share with you what Fiona Ng says :

“After giving birth, I was so focussed on my baby that I neglected myself. When I started gaining alot of weight and fat,  I lost confidence and started to avoid people.  Those days were rather dark in my life. 

But one day, someone introduced me to Derrick’s PowerStretchTM  Body Toning Workout classes… and since then, there’s no turning back.  I have been totally transformed.  Today, my husband feels a little threatened whenever he sees others casting admiring glances at me… I JUST LOVE THAT FEELING of feeling good and looking good!”


How PowerStretchTM Body Toning Workout Can Benefit You :

  1.  Help you achieve your dream LEAN and TONED BODY
  2. STRENGTHEN YOUR MUSCLES and Increase Flexibility
  3. Better POSTURE through body toning exercises
  4. Improved BREATHING Technique
  5. Improves your ENDURANCE due to strengthened core muscles
  6. Improved agility through body stretching and BODY TONING
  7. Sexier ABS (6 pack abs not guaranteed but you can improve for sure with discipline that I teach you)

Today might be the start of a new you.  Find out more today about how <<PowerStretchTM Body Toning and Conditioning exercises>> can help you!

If you are in Singapore, contact Derrick to get 1-to-1 PowerStretch training to shape your physique.

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