PowerStretch™ – A Year Of Fun, Fulfilled Expectations and Fitter Bodies

PowerStretch Workout by Derrick Ee

Hello PowerStretch™ 2013, Goodbye To A Year Of Fun with PowerStretch™ Workouts in 2012

Jessie sweats it out with Powerstretch WorkoutsJessie ponders: “TIME, EFFORT & SWEAT in exchange for a fit, toned healthy body and mind! A GOOD DEAL..!! The best deal done for year 2012 and it will get better come 2013..!! Bring it on Master Derrick Ee.. Students of Powerstretch will be queuing to grab this amazing DEAL in 2013.. Looking forward to more POWERSTRETCH !!! :) yay yay yay..

Mariani on PowerStretchMariani reflects: “Thank you Derrick Laoshi for tirelessly and willingly gives us so much 1+1 TIME ENCOURAGEMENT SUPPORT to help us grow strong physically and mentally. May this coming year, you will be blessed with good health, joy, peace, prosperity and productivity (i.e PS family expand locally and overseas) Cheers! :)

Erina Fong loves PowerStretchErina shares: “Liesje is correct. I think I won’t be flexible if I didn’t take up Powerstretch. It builds up my endurance, overall strength and will power. Thanks!!! Happy New Year to guru Derrick Ee !”

Liesje is committed to PowerStretchLiesje proclaims: “Without Powerstretch i don’t think I’m so flexible. Thank-u to my Lao Shi Derrick Ee. Cheers!!! Happy New Year my goal for 2013 is to achieve what I can’t do in 2012.”

Nancy never misses PowerStretchNancy remembers: “Power Stretch is an exercise that my daughter Charlotte enjoys so so much that we are able to do classes together . All thanks to guru Derrick.”

Jean has a breakthrough with PowerStretchJean muses: “Wow mariani! Super like that poem! Definitely painted the whole picture of what power stretch 2012 was to me – challenging my limits, finding breakthroughs, building a holistic health of good physical being, strong mental discipline and best of all, wonderful emotional energies from great beautiful friends who work hard, play hard and eat a little less hard together!!!! Hahahaha! Thank you Derrick and the power stretch groups for making my 2012 a wonderful one! Looking forward to an even better 2013 and see you all next year!!! Hahaha!”

Christine wants more PowerStretch in 2013Christine contemplates : It has been another great year of PowerStretching!
PowerStretch 2012 has been a learning journey for me as I struggle to work on strengthening the various parts of my body.
Learning basic things like… breathing, which muscles to engage, discovering own’s strength and weaknesses/ limitations, undoing the wrong & relearning the correct technique in order to feel and have a good stretch…
Ooh… So much to learn and will continue to do so next year with your continued guidance.

Thank you Derrick for your attentiveness, guidance and constant reminders throughout my journey ♥

And the highlight of the year has to be the off- site PowerStretch @ Batam in Dec [note : video coming up! - look out!].
Stretching on the beach was a real test of one’s own strength, endurance and perseverance. Aside from that, stretching on the beach has been a beautiful experience. There in the serenity and beauty of nature… Breathing in the fresh air, soaking in the sun rays, feeling the cool breeze blowing against the skin, listening to the sound of the ocean waves….
Such a memorable experience!

PowerStretch Fitness by Derrick Ee


Now looking forward to a better year in 2013… Stronger, healthier, better stamina and endurance. And of course to more off-site stretching ♥

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PowerStretch Workout by Derrick Ee
Coming up – video of you ladies! :)  Look out at this space!… Derrick Ee

POWERSTRETCH™ Body Toning Workout Basic Routines

Types of Exciting and Fun POWERSTRETCH™ Basic Exercises To Get You Started

PowerStretch Workout

Many new readers have repeatedly asked exactly what POWERSTRETCH™ Body Toning Workout is,  having read many POWERSTRETCH™ testimonials, eating tips and benefits.

The purpose of this article is to explain some of the basic POWERSTRETCH™  workout routines that will get you charged up, toned up, feeling stretched and complaining, yet coming back for MORE:

Before that – let’s take a LOOK at this video about Derrick Ee’s POWERSTRETCH™ that has been watched by over 9,367 people in less than 2 months –  WILL YOU BE THE 10,000th VIEWER?


PowerStretch™ Warm Up

Gentle warm up exercises that wake up your tired muscles, invigorate, and prepare your body and mind for movements.

PowerStretch™ Posture and Alignment

Experience the different floor, sitting, and standing exercises that enhance your posture awareness while helping to stretch, strengthen, and elongate your spine.  A good posture saves you backaches and strengthens your core muscles – and at the same time, you are going to look more confident and gorgeous!

PowerStretch™ Stretch!

This is where most participants complain but TOTALLY ENJOY!  Carefully designed and calibrated floor, sitting, and standing stretches that increase your joints and muscle flexibility as well as your range of movements.

PowerStretch™ Strength Training

Highly IMPORTANT part of the exercise because you need strength training exercises that tone and shape your abdominals, upper, middle, and lower back;  shoulders, arms and hands, hips, thighs and glutes of course.  Strength training develops your ‘endurance’ over time and you can progress to advance levels.  In addition, it will boost your metabolism and helps to lose fat.

PowerStretch™ Balance and Coordination

This is a differentiating factor of Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch™ Body Toning Workout – he is one of the rare fitness instructors with a strong background in dance and martial arts.   Through Derrick – you will learn standing and moving exercises that centre, balance, and move you through space with grace and confidence.

Relaxation and Rejuvation with PowerStretch™

Every PowerStretch™ class starts and ends with delightful exercises to ‘treat’ your muscles.  The body toning workout will end with stretching, breathing, and relaxation exercises that help you decompress, release tension, and recharge your mental and muscular batteries.  Most participants thoroughly enjoy the ‘spa’ workout treatment because of the carefully chosen music by Derrick who comes from an accomplished dance background.



And my FAVOURITE Video of POWERSTRETCH™ is this. Go on, check it out! :)

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PowerStretch™ Eating Tips For Healthy Living – part 2

Learn 3 More PowerStretch™ Eating Tips For Healthier Living

Take a minute to review this PowerStretch™ Workout video.  Do you think the people in the video can  look that good just by working out rigorously?

I think you know the answer is NO.

Often being disciplined in exercising doesn’t necessarily mean equal willpower in eating.  And many PowerStretch™ students do not actually know what constitute healthy eating habits.   The last article I posted on Top 3 PowerStretch™ Eating Tips For Healthier Living” was so well received because I think it made people sit up and realise the importance of healthy eating basics.

So here are 3 more PowerStretch Eating Tips For Healthier Living -



1.  Eat Fruits Frequently

Eat some fresh fruits daily. And if possible eat fruits at or after every meal. If you are working out regularly with PowerStretch™, there’s no question you need fruit in your diet.  This is Derrick Ee‘s, your PowerStretch™ master trainer’s key recommendation for diet.


(a) Fibres

We all know that a diet with plenty of fibres helps against high blood pressure, corpulence, and other factors that increase the chance for a heart disease. The food that contains these healthy (natural) fibres is…. FRUIT!

(b) Fruit Stimulates Our Brain Cells

If you didn’t know yet: according to some research, fruit is the ultimate brain fuel. Fruit has a positive effect on our brains and regular consumption helps you recall information easier and faster…

(c) Fruit Is The Most Natural Food

Fruit is natural food made by/from plants to be eaten and enjoyed by animals and humans in order to spread its seeds.

(d) Fruit Is 100% Bad-Cholesterol Free

Too much cholesterol is not good for our bodies and fruit doesn’t contain much cholesterol. Unlike animal products like meat and dairy contain a lot of cholesterol, fruits are undoubtedly one of THE BEST DIET COMPONENTS.

2.  Eat More Vegetables

Eat more vegetables, particularly peas and beans – fresh or dried – because they are a very good low-fat source of protein.  Again, you’ll need vegetable if you exercise regularly with Derrick Ee’s PowerStretch™

Like fruits, vegetables are packed full of goodness and often contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in other types of foods or they may contain higher levels of these nutrients than other foods.

They are made up of water and fibre, which our body needs to help cleanse and rid itself of waste and toxins. Certain vegetables are also rich in vitamins C and E, which are both very powerful antioxidants. Eating dark green vegetables daily could help to protect the body from developing cancerous cells and from suffering heart disease.


3.  Avoid Heavily Sweetened Foods

For dental health in addition to your physical health, reduce intake of heavily sweetened foods such as sweets and biscuits.

Ok, that’s it for today – I hope you find this article on More PowerStretch™ Eating Tips useful.  Remember head knowledge is not enough – take action to implement these eating tips :)


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