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Sharing of Testimonials of PowerStretchTM Body Toning Workout

Are you still hesitating about the benefits of PowerStretchTM Body Toning Workout?  Consider the views of the thousands of people who come from all walks of life… this is what they have to say  about PowerStretchTM:

From Sherine Low :
I would like to give my highest compliments to a world class instructor, Derrick Ee. Over the last 10 years Derrick has provided me with exceptional stretching and toning exercises. His dancercise class is always so enjoyable and fun. He is the best teacher I’ve ever known and I’ve benefitted so much from him. He continues to inspire people both young and old with his teaching skills.
From Nancy Wong :
Derrick’s PowerstretchTM brings Glow to my face, suppleness to my muscle and agility to my joints. Life is better after Powerstretch.
From Katherine :
Enjoyed every PowerStretchTM class though initially body ached after each lesson. Found it so good that I signed up 2x/week. Find body more flexible, able to squat n bend better! All thanks to Derrick! :) )
From Sue Tham :
I love this PowerStretchTM. It really stretches every part of the body. I felt it is not only tones up the skin but  also slowly shapes certain part of body.
I look toward to go for the exercise. Tks Derek for so creative in creating this PowerStretchTM. - Sue Tham

PowerStretch Outdoor Class – Exhilarating!

From Elsie Ong :
PowerstretchTM….it is truly a POWER….STRETCH!! With great rhythm n strong tempo of the music, correct breathing method, couple with committed n creative instructor, Derrick Ee, who deftly choreographs a smooth transition of one posture to another, I feel so delightful that I stretch n stretch….something which I do not know before that   I can do it and can stretch my body further. These exercises not only tone n strengthen my various muscle, align my posture, keep my limbs agile, help my body flexible n supple, they also alleviate the pain and strengthen my once weak lower back. Each session, I’ll walk into the class with anticipation, make sure my posture is upright, remember to tug in my tummy (which Derrick always reminds n corrects us), and earnestly look forward to our dedicated n inspired instructor, conducting a full n ‘sweaty’ workout. I always feel rejuvenated n energized after his class. Well done, Derrick !!!
From Elizabeth :
I felt myself improving in terms of physical strength. Those posts that I can’t manage I can do better now. Most importantly I had fun!
Yes of course, more tone! It also helps improve my run and swim with the improvement of the core muscles.
Ya but sometimes during PowerStretchTM class you feel like strangling Derrick!
From Liesje Yap :
I used to have problems bending my knees, walking up and down the stairs. Ever since I was introduced to Derrick’s PowerstretchTM, my knees have strengthen tremendously, I am more energetic and agile too; house chores are NOT a chore anymore and I can even dance now!!! After years of PowerstretchTM, my skin and muscles tone has improved, supple yet firm.. And mentally I am happier too thus I have been complimented that I don’t look my age!!! Thank you Derrick for creating PowerstretchTM.
- Liesje Yap
If you want to find out more about PowerStretchTM classes, and are prepared to be COMMITTED to a healthy lifestyle, contact Derrick Ee here.

8 thoughts on “Testimonials – PowerStretch™

  1. Everyday I count my blessings that my path met Derrick’s in 1999. What captivates me was his gruelling yet fun and effective style of workouts. 

    Derrick’s truly unique style of workout; POWERSTRETCH gives
    Workout  and fitness a whole new meaning…!! It’s like heading to a playground full of fun, lively music, positive vibes, doing fluidly choreographed poses and stances that challenges every part of your body, mind and soul. 

    No two Powerstretch sessions are ever the same!!. No mindless and monotonous drills; every move is done with feels, strength, fluidity and focus, it connects your body, Mind and soul. Sharpening your memory, cleansing your soul and tone every muscles in your body. 

    For the trust and believe I have in Derrick Ee’s brainchild workout; POWERSTRETCH (2002), I am rewarded with An amazing Healthy, Toned, Sexy Body, a Positive Outlook in Life and a Cheery Disposition which helps me  connect well with friends and loved ones. The cherry on the cake is…. My 2 lovely daughters are huge fans of Powerstretch and exercising together bring our relationship closer. 
    That’s the POWER of Powerstretch .

  2. What’s a healthy lifestyle? For me, it’s simply Eating well, Sleeping well & Exercising. What I like to share is the exercise that I do… “Power Stretch with Derrick”
    All my life, I have never liked physical education In school nor do any sport/exercise. Because of health reasons and advise from my doctor, I had to start exercising. I was blessed to have met Derrick and his class totally changed my mindset. His creative program is a complete workout which works every single muscle of your body.  It was difficult for me at the start… Pain, aches, soreness…It’s inevitable cos the muscles have not been worked before. But despite all that, I didn’t give up. As I progress, I started to see improvement and surprisingly enjoying the workout. Not only did I get a well toned body but I was stronger and it also increased my flexibility. That was about 5 yrs ago and I’m still enjoying it so much so that I’m always looking forward to the next class. 

    PowerStretch – Cardio, Toning, Strengthening, Endurance & Perseverance. 

    Thank you Derrick <3 … Becos of you and your complete creation, I need not look elsewhere for another workout <3

  3. Power stretch! Indeed a serious stretch every lesson, like Derrick always says’ every move is not a pose it’s a continuous stretch’ which I totally agree! I look forward to every lesson.

    As I have irregular working days, once my monthly roster comes out,i will make the effort to Mark down power stretch lesson dates to fit into my schedule. I never want to miss any lesson and would even attend lesson FIRST before reporting for flights.

    Derrick will make sure you are doing it right and making sure every single part of your body muscles are worked out.

    Power stretch is for everyone, not to worry if you are old or too young for it. I introduced it to my mother and time to time she would join the class too. She enjoys it like i do and yes first few days she complained ( muscle ache) but she really do enjoy it and always commenting Derrick is a very good trainer! Thank you Derrick! Power stretch lessons

  4. Derrick’s Powerstretch is amazing as it combines different aspects of a workout which is great for busy people who are looking to maximise their workout. Just an hour of Powerstretch and you get your cardio, toning, stretching and strenthening fix. Other from working on your muscles, you get a work out on your mind as well as it pushes you to the next level in terms of your endurance and perserverence.
    I am so glad that I took the courage to join Derrick’s class and it is addictive, even though I have to admit that I dread it at the start. But once I see myself achieving that toned body and that flexibility and strength that I never knew existed, it is rewarding. Derrick is also very dedicated and patient. He encourages you to push your limits without neglecting to provide proper guidance along the way.
    Thanks Derrick!

  5. POWER STRETCH! An all-round workout for everybody, young & old. I am glad I get to attend this class created exclusively by Derrick himself. Indeed, “every move is a continuous stretch, not a pose”, in order to achieve a leaner & toner body.
    “Tug in your tummy”, “keep your body straight”, “breathe in”, “breathe out” are what you hear from Derrick in class. These are reminders for our own good & also for us not to hurt ourselves. Together with lively music & different moves, my body & mind are put to work in every class!
    I enjoy this class so much (minus the aches & pains :p), & is so confident of it that I introduce it to my mothers!!! We enjoy the class weekly together, “sweating” it out & having fun together! Thank you Derrick for the wonderful classes he creates! Keep up the good job! :)

  6. I may be aching all over after every POWERSTRETCH lesson , but I am enjoying every moment of it as I know I am working on every part of my body muscle that I have neglected all these time . CHEERS to Derrick Ee for your wonderful lessons in POWERSTRETCH !!!!

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