Highly Effective PowerStretch™ Classes

What makes Derrick’s PowerStretchTM Body Toning Classes So Effective and Unique?

Derrick’s PowerStretchTM classes are usually fully packed because they are effective and fun.  What make these body toning classes so unique and popular are :

  • they are tough – you really sweat it out.  Don’t come if you prefer the comfort behind computers! There is no escape.  No wonder many participants call Derrick’s classes POWERSWEAT!
  • they are FUN – they are not the typical workout classes but they are specially designed using dance warm up techniques, due to Derrick’s extensive experience with dancing and teaching dancing.
  • they are highly effective – every muscle group gets worked.  It’s not a typical body building fitness workout which focusses on certain muscle groups only.  EVERY MUSCLE gets the body toning stretch it needs!  Many committed participants get transformed dancers’ fit and toned physiques.
  • they are THERAPEUTIC – every class is so focussed that you forget about your fears and your stress that you face every day in working, student and family life.   Instead, you are totally working out.  There is no chance to think about anything else whether you are doing the standup muscle strengthening or the core work with Derrick.
  • they PRODUCE RESULTS!  Many committed participants swear by Derrick’s body toning classes because they really experience a change.  Some lose as much as 5-8kg after a month’s of body toning classes!
  • they work for ALL AGES – the youngest PowerStretchTM  student is a 9-year-old boy, whilst the most senior participant who loves Derrick’s Body Toning class is a 66 year-old grandmother.  Check out PowerstretchTM   participants’ testimonials here! 
Body Toning

The critical components to every PowerStretchTM Body Toning Class are:

1.  Dance Warm Up Using contemporary music.

What makes Derrick’s body toning classes special are that his cardiovascular warm ups are specially designed using his years of training as a dancer and dance instructor.  They are not the typical warm ups or stretches – they are dance techniques that target ALL parts of the body, with a continuous flow of movements that activate muscles in our bodies.

2.  Stretching, Body Toning AND ENDURANCE TRAINING

Every body part will be stretched – from the chest, to the back, to the hips, thighs and butt. Stretching is a very powerful form of body toning.  This is then followed by strength and endurance training which boosts your metabolism and helps to lose fat.

3.  Core and Lower Back Muscles using Floor Work

Specially designed floor work differentiates Derrick’s PowerStretchTM Body Toning workouts.

PowerStretch Fitness by Derrick EeWant to experience a CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION in your physique? Still wondering Why You Need Body Toning?  Contact Derrick today if you are prepared to be committed, and want a one-to-one PowerStretchTM Body Toning coaching!

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